Our products


Our drive and passion for developing new and exciting innovative products began over 15 years ago with the development of the ground breaking Step. This enthusiasm continues as we strive to identify unique fitness concepts which make a real difference and impact on the fitness markets at all levels.

Combining excellence in research and development with an emphasis not only focussed upon durability and product testing, but also on functionality. An effective combination of exclusive partner collaborations and high calibre manufacturing both in the UK and offshore markets, provide both commercial buyers and home fitness consumers the assurance that they are buying quality first from Reebok.


Designed and developed for continual daily, multi-user training environments in gyms, sports clubs, studios, schools and colleges, the commercial line of Reebok fitness accessories provides quality, durable, repetition-tested equipment that is built to last.

The comprehensive range of tough fitness equipment from the Reebok Professional line embraces strength, function, aerobic, yoga, and recovery to deliver the experience and results expected from the next fitness generation.


Tone, build strength or improve posture - whatever the aim may be, the home accessory line has something for everyone, from dumbbells, skipping ropes and kettlebells to yoga mats, gloves and gym balls.

In addition to the handheld portable accessories, the larger cardiovascular equipment boasts a wide array of features built into the treadmills, bikes, cross trainers and rowers.